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MLM Marketing 2014: Well Look At You…All Grown Up!!!

MLM Marketing 2014

I remember the day so incredibly vividly.

It was June of 2003 and there I was on a three way MLM conference call listening to some crazy guy telling me about some lake in Colorado and how the algae at the bottom of one part of the lake created some WILDLY powerful and energizing people.

I was so into it, it was ridiculous.

I was listening to my very first network marketing sponsor show me how to get all of my friends and family and all of my warm market into this amazing new multi level company.

And like the total tool that I was…I listened to each and every word this ass said.

“Make a list of the closest 500 people you know. Call them. Write them…do whatever you have to do to get as many of them into this algae MLM as you can right now because all of these top spots are going fast.”

You can guess the rest.

Wow, how dumb could I have been?

Pretty dumb, looking back.

Maybe even this dumb…

The Key To Making Real Money In MLM In 2014

If you are going to be wildly successful in multilevel marketing, you have to change the way you think about finding new people to bring into your residual income opportunity.

You have to NEVER again stand up at a high school reunion with a Bud Light in your hand and make a grand old announcement about this wild as hell new business that you’re now in that everyone needs to join you in.

Um, no, that has to end yesterday if not sooner.

The key now is for you to constantly find ways to get in front of people who WANT to know what you know.

The turning point for you will be that realization that you need to do everything you can 24/7 to only be “talking” to people interested in your new virtual casino business. Because that is precisely what the Infinity 2 Global business is. And those MLM veterans that are hearing about it every day are scratching their heads wondering why it took so long for there to be a casino network marketing company.

These are the people you need to find!

These are the Facebook groups about network marketing and the Pinterest boards about multilevel marketing and the Twitter followers who are into MLM businesses that you need to copy.

But in my humble estimation (and it is now being proven out on a daily basis) while social interaction is great for getting the word out about the I2G MLM opportunity, the very best way to get people to join your downline here at this first-ever meeting of social media and online gaming home business, is to get in front of the people searching for it on the search engines.

And the #1 way to make that happen is to start a powerful blog about I2G right now.


Here’s a GREAT Video About How Blogging Is Affected By The Google Hummingbird


The fact is that when you put yourself in front of people actually looking for long tail keywords about the Infinity 2 Global gambling multilevel business, you have light years more of a chance of having THOSE people want to know more!!!

Use your noodle.

You get your message in front of people searching for I2G and what do you think happens versus bugging the living hell out of people asking them to be interested in something they are not?

Conversions happen.

And in this case, I consider conversions into Infinity 2 Global to be signing up to know more and of course signing up into the I2G program itself.

Anything that is action.

Okay, Enough Yammer. It’s Time You Met The Infinity 2 Global Business Idea Head On

It’s simple to learn more.

You click here.



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