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I2G Marketing Tips: Stop Betting On Slow Horses, Genius

I2G Marketing Tips

If you spend as much time as I do online, you come to realize that it really is a dangerous place if you’re “into” online marketing.

Worse still if you really love marketing MLMs online.

And the reason I say that, oh curious ones, is that there are so many toys to play with.

From supposed Facebook clicks that generate MLM leads, to MLM leads from Tweeting, to solo ads that supposedly rock, to pay per click and pay per view and dear Gof, all of the other crap that’s available out there, its a wonder people get anything done.

It’s like a carnival out there.

But before I CONVINCE YOU that the MLM lead generation tactics that we use to get people into our Infinity 2 Global downline are the best you will find anywhere, and before I tell you that if you just follow what we are doing to bring in new virtual casino network marketing leads that you will KILL it the way we are, before all that, I wanted you to see one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

If you love magic, you have to adore David Blake.

And if you missed it, you have to see his latest special…it’s retarted cool!!!

Okay, so I always wanted to become a magician. When I was a kid in Brooklyn, NY, I would do tricks for my grammar school and no one thought I was any good.

Hopes dashed.

It’s okay, I perform magic now with how I get leads into this multilevel marketing casino business.

There Is One Way To Guarantee Success In I2G: And Here It Is…

It happens every single time now that the Google Hummingbird update has landed and cleared house.

People get into new business opportunities and fail miserably at online MLM recruiting.

And the number one reason for all this failure: a reluctance to have patience and follow the best way to recruit people online.

And that way is through blogging, kids.

Nothing else is more powerful.

When you consider that you get to choose the keywords you target and then create original content using those MLM keywords and then you get to link to that content using even more targeted virtual casino keywords, you need to see that simply by following what we are doing with I2G marketing (post Hummingbird) is a guaranteed way to succeed in MLM in 2014.


End of story.

Sorry. That is all.

It is widely known that search marketing traffic is the best converting traffic there is online.

And while ppc and ppv network marketing traffic can be insanely cheap…you have to look at the conversions to measure your real success here.

Oh, and lest I be the voice of reason, the second you shut off your MLM PPC traffic, it’s gone…there’s no residual traffic that flows to your money pages.

Not true with Organic MLM traffic which can been a goldmine for you for YEARS. And by working with a true network marketing leads specialist, you put yourself on a course where you know you will make money with a company like Infinity 2 Global.


Okay, so why all of the commotion about the Infinity 2 Global virtual casino network marketing opportunity? This is why…

UNREAL | Have you guys heard about this new online casino MLM? 


Online MLM Wealth: Are You Willing To Go Get It or Not?!?

Whiners suck.

“Oh life is too hard.”

“Man I wish there was a better way out there.”

“Gosh I wish there was a way to make more money.”

Those people just are useless to me.

When you get into the Patrick Burke downline on I2G, you will be shown STEP BY STEP how to make money with this amazing virtual casino network marketing company.

No fluff.

Fluff is for whiners.

Who, if I haven’t mentioned, I hate.

(Maybe David Blane can make THEM disappear.)


PS. Blogging for MLM leads is the fastest way to make all of the residual you need. Period.

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